Changes introduced in macOS Server 5.7.1

As hosted services have become widespread—and the need to keep software up to date is more important than ever—Apple is making some changes to macOS Server. 

Learn about current and future support

Apple continues to develop and support macOS Server, which includes Open Directory, Profile Manager, and Xsan management. The most popular server features—Caching Server, File Sharing Server, and Time Machine Server are bundled with every installation of macOS High Sierra and later, so that even more customers have access to these essential services at no extra cost.

Starting with macOS Server 5.7.1, Apple no longer bundles open source services such as Calendar Server, Contacts Server, the Mail Server, DNS, DHCP, VPN Server, and Websites with macOS Server. Customers can get these same services directly from open-source providers. This way, macOS Server customers can install the most secure and up-to-date services as soon as they’re available. 

Apple has published documentation to help with this transition.

Services included in macOS Server 5.7.1 and later

The following services are included and fully supported in macOS Server 5.7.1 and later:

  • Profile Manager
  • Open Directory
  • Xsan

Services migrated from macOS Server to macOS High Sierra and later

These services are now available in macOS High Sierra and later, and can be found in System Preferences > Sharing:

  • File Server
  • Caching Server
  • Time Machine Server

Service status

This table shows the status of each macOS Server service, and available alternatives.

Service Status Alternatives
FTP Removed in Server 5.4 SFTP/SSH
Server Docs Removed in Server 5.4

iCloud Documents, Apache/WebDAV
DHCP UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 bootpd, built into macOS
DNS Removed in Server 5.7.1 BIND, Unbound, KnotDNS
VPN Removed in Server 5.7.1 OpenVPN, SoftEther VPNWireGuard
Firewall UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 pf firewall (built into macOS)
Mail Server Removed in Server 5.7.1


Courier, KerioConnect

Calendar Removed in Server 5.7.1 CalendarServer, DavMail, Radicale, Kerio Connect
Wiki Removed in Server 5.7.1 MediaWiki, PmWiki, XWiki, Confluence, WordPress WMX files
Websites UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 Apache HTTP Server (built into macOS), Nginx, Lighttpd
Contacts Removed in Server 5.7.1 CalendarServer, DavMail, Citadel, Kerio Connect
NetBoot/NetInstall UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 BOOTP, TFTP, HTTP, NFS (all built into macOS), NetSUS, BSDPy
Messages Removed in Server 5.7.1 ejabberd, Openfire, Prosody
Radius Removed in Server 5.7.1 FreeRadius
AirPort Management Removed in Server 5.7.1 AirPort Utility

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