Self-Servicing Account Program

Apple's Self-Servicing Account (SSA) program is designed for institutions and businesses that want the convenience of repairing their own products. Program participants ("Self-Servicers") are authorized to repair only the products they own or lease.


Service Accounts are able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Ability to perform repairs on select Apple products
  • Maintain control of the installed base of products, quality and time of the entire repair process
  • Access to Apple's service parts, exclusive diagnostic tools, and systems
  • Next day shipment of replacement product, subject to parts availability and account status
  • Access to Apple's online technical and account management support functions
  • Access to support resources including: training modules, technical guides, support articles, invoicing/statements, performance metrics, and real-time chat and email support from Apple
  • Two complimentary vouchers for initial certification


Business and operational requirements

Organizations interested in participating in this program must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum combined installed base of 1000 Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac); proof of purchase required
  • Depending on the product line, participants are required to have at least one technician complete the Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (ACMT) Certification and/or at least one technician complete the iOS Qualification within 90 days of account setup
  • Procure and maintain a dedicated diagnostic server and 2D barcode scanner, in addition to workbench, standard and specialized repair tools, appropriate gear to ensure Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Safety Compliance including grounded bench coverings, technician wrist straps and an ESD testing apparatus
  • Repairs must exclusively use genuine Apple parts purchased directly from Apple whether the product is in or out of warranty
  • Participants can utilize the program for Apple products owned by their organization; no third party’s products, warranties or accessories may be serviced through this program
  • Maintain a service account in good standing with Apple that has an established line of credit
  • May not perform repair work for hardware covered by non Apple branded warranties

Program Costs

  • No first-year or annual fees to participate in the program

  • Apple self-paced training is provided online without additional charge

  • Apple certification exams beyond initial two voucher allocation provided during account setup

Alternate Service Channels

Organizations that are ineligible for the SSA program can learn more about all of the service and repair programs Apple offers here.