Self-Servicing Account Program

Apple's Self-Servicing Account (SSA) program is designed for institutions and businesses that would like the convenience of repairing their own products. Qualifying organizations can gain access to genuine Apple parts, tools, training, service guides, diagnostics, and resources to perform these repairs.

Who can apply?

Institutions and businesses, with a minimum install base of 1,000 Apple devices, interested in performing repairs on units they own or lease may apply.


Self Service Accounts are able to take advantage of these benefits:

  • No annual fees to participate in program
  • Apple self-paced training is provided online without additional charge
  • Maintain control of the installed base of products, quality and time of the entire repair process
  • Next day shipment of replacement product, subject to parts availability and account status
  • Chat and email support from Apple


Business and operational requirements

Participants may utilize the program for Apple products owned by their organization; no third party products, accessories or warranties may be serviced through this program.

A minimum of 25 repairs per year are required and repairs must exclusively use genuine Apple parts purchased directly from Apple whether the product is in-warranty or out-of-warranty.

Repairs must be performed in our Global Service Exchange (GSX) tool and excludes DIY repairs.

A line of credit is required to participate.


Eligible organizations must maintain a dedicated workspace with appropriate tools and safety equipment including: barcode scanner, workbench, standard and specialized repair tools, appropriate gear to ensure ESD safety compliance and a dedicated diagnostic server. If carpet is present, an ESD floor mat is required.

Technician Certification

Participating organizations are required to have Apple-certified technicians perform all repairs to Apple devices.

Becoming certified to repair Apple products requires passing exams at the end of Apple’s complimentary online self-paced training. Detailed information about Apple Certifications preparatory courses and exams can be found here.

Alternate Service Channels

Organizations that are ineligible for the SSA program can learn more about all of the service and repair programs Apple offers here.

To Apply

We are currently accepting applications from businesses. Please submit an email with a completed Self-Service Account Program Notification of Interest form to You will be asked to provide relevant information about your organization so that Apple can determine whether you are eligible for the SSA program.