AppleCare for Enterprise Service

Support Plan Availability of On-Site Service and Next Business Day (NBD) Response

Subject to the Terms of AppleCare for Enterprise, repair and replacement service of customer’s Covered Equipment hardware is available within these countries or regions.

Customers may be eligible for on-site service depending on the Covered Equipment’s location. On-site service shall consist of Apple dispatching a technician to the customer’s Covered Equipment location for the purpose of repair service. Apple shall determine eligibility for repair service after the completion of technical support troubleshooting.

Repairs necessitated by software problems, or as a result of alteration, adjustment, or repair by anyone other than Apple or its agents are not included in Apple’s repair hardware service.

Customer agrees to cooperate with the technician, provide full access to the Covered Equipment and provide access to power at no charge to Apple.

If customer fails to provide access to or be in attendance at the Covered Equipment’s location at the designated time for the Apple technician to perform service, service will not be provided and customer may be liable for additional charges for a subsequent visit.

If the Covered Equipment is located in a covered zip or postal code and Apple makes a determination that repair service is required before 2:00 p.m. local time on a business day, in most cases, Apple will deliver on-site service to the location the following business day. Additional zip or postal codes may be eligible for second-business-day onsite service.

Use the form below to determine the service provided in a specific zip or postal code. Please enter the 5-digit US zip code or Canadian postal code (enter as 7 characters with space between the first and last three characters) into the field below and click or tap on the "search" button.

Valid Input Invalid Input
Zip or postal code is eligible for next-business-day onsite service under AppleCare for Enterprise. Zip or postal code is eligible for second-business-day onsite service under AppleCare for Enterprise. Zip or postal code is not eligible for onsite service under AppleCare for Enterprise. Please enter a Postal Code. Zip or postal code is eligible for third-business-day or longer onsite service under AppleCare for Enterprise.

If you would like to confirm a 5-digit zip or Canadian postal code for a specific location, please visit the United States Postal Service Zip Code Lookup page or Canada Post Postal Code Lookup page.