Add mathematical equations to your document in Pages

You can use LaTeX commands or MathML elements to include mathematical expressions and equations into your Pages document. 

Add an equation to your Pages document

  1. Put your insertion point in your document where you want to add the equation. You can add equations to body text, table cells, page headers, or page footers. 
    • On your iPhone or iPod touch, tap Insert, then tap Equation. You might need to tap  to see Insert.
    • On your iPad, tap  in the shortcut bar above the keyboard, then tap Equation. You might need to swipe up to see Equation.
    • On your Mac, choose  > Equation.
  2. Enter an equation in the field using LaTeX commands or MathML elements.1 On iPad and iPhone, you can also use the shortcut symbols above the keyboard.  When you finish typing, a preview of the equation appears. If the preview is empty or displays an error, check your equation to make sure it’s correct.
  3. Click or tap Insert. The equation appears at the insertion point in your document. The equation automatically takes the size and color of the text you've inserted it into and updates when you make changes.

1To make equation authoring easier, the equation editor is in math mode by default, so it isn't necessary to add math mode commands to your equations.

Learn which LaTeX commands and MathML elements you can use with Pages.

You can also use MathType with Pages for Mac if you have MathType 6.7d (or later) installed. The first time you insert an equation, choose Use MathType. If you didn't choose Use Mathtype, you can turn it on later. Choose Pages > Preferences, then select "Insert and edit equations with MathType.”

Published Date:Fri Mar 30 17:11:17 GMT 2018