About the App Store on your Apple TV (4th generation)

Sign in to the App Store on your Apple TV to download apps for entertainment, gaming, travel, shopping, and more.

You can download content apps, games, and much more from the App Store on Apple TV (4th generation).

Before you download apps, set up your Apple TV (4th generation) and sign in to the App Store with your Apple ID.

Sign in to the App Store

  1. From the Home screen, choose Settings > Accounts > iTunes and App Store.
  2. Select Sign In, then sign in with your Apple ID and password. 

If you don't remember your Apple ID, we can help you find it. If other people will be using your Apple TV, they can also add their Apple IDs. If you want to restrict access to content or limit who can make purchases from the App Store, you can turn on Restrictions, also known as parental controls, on your Apple TV.

You can also manage your password preferences so that the App Store will remember your password always, prompt you to enter your password every time you make a purchase, or require your password only after 15 minutes. Learn how to manage your password preferences.

Learn more about managing your Apple ID account.

Get apps for your Apple TV

Open the App Store on your Apple TV to browse apps. When you find an app that you want to add to your Apple TV, select the app. Then select the price (Buy) for a paid app or select Get for a free app. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password. Learn more about how to browse and buy apps.

Some apps might require that you sign in; subscribe to a service; activate your account through your cable or satellite provider; or use another device, such as a computer, to complete the sign-in process. If you can't sign in to an app on your Apple TV, contact the content provider.

Apps that you currently have on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch might also be available for your Apple TV. You can see your previous App Store purchases in the Purchased menu at the top of the main App Store screen. Find out how to get your past purchases on your Apple TV.

If more than one person uses your Apple TV

If other people will be using your Apple TV, ask them to add their Apple IDs using these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, choose Settings > Accounts > iTunes and App Store.
  2. Select Add New Apple ID.
  3. Enter their Apple ID, then select continue.
  4. Enter their password, then select Sign In.

Other people who use your Apple TV must switch to their own Apple ID before they can download apps or find their past purchases in the App Store. To switch, follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, choose Settings > Accounts > iTunes and App Store.
  2. Choose the account that you want to use.

Apps that other people download to your Apple TV stay on your Home screen even if you switch back to your Apple ID.

Family Sharing and Apple TV

If you already use Family Sharing, you can use Ask to Buy on your Apple TV. Learn more about what you can share on an Apple TV with Family Sharing.

If family members want to buy apps on the Apple TV, they need to switch to their own Apple ID.

Manage your Apple ID account

Learn how to check your purchase history and update your Apple ID account information.

If you change to an Apple ID associated with a different country or region, you might not be able to access certain Apple features or services. You also might not see the same content or providers that you could see in your previous country or region. 

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