Apple web server security acknowledgements, 2011

Apple publishes this article to acknowledge and thank those who reported potential security issues in our web servers. Credit is added after the issue has been identified and addressed.

For credits from other years, see the end of this article. You can also view recent Apple web server security acknowledgements.


December 2011

  • Bernhard 'Bruhns' Brehm of Recurity Labs

  • Griffin Francis of John Paul College, NSW, Australia

  • Jason Hullinger

  • Julius Kivimäki

  • Keita Haga

  • Maxim Rupp

November 2011

  • David Hoyt of Hoyt LLC Research

  • Koki Nakayasu of Keio University

October 2011

  • Abubakr Soliman (@bakrianoo) from Sinai University

  • Chema Alonso

  • David Hoyt of Hoyt LLC Research

  • Dirk Haun

  • Glenn Tenney of Fantasia Systems Inc.

  • Maheshkumar Darji

  • Manu "The Sur"

  • Maxim Rupp

  • Mike Bailey

  • Nils Juenemann

  • Prashant Sharma (@ps_manu) of LBSS Pvt. Ltd.

  • Szymon Gruszecki

September 2011

  • Attila Soki

  • Chema Alonso

  • David Dunham of A Sharp, LLC

  • David Hoyt of Hoyt LLC Research

  • Manu "The Sur"

  • Matias P. Brutti, Sr. Security Consultant at IOActive, Inc

  • Nils Juenemann

  • Nils Juenemann

  • Ron Avitzur of Pacific Tech Software

  • "some stupid nerd"

August 2011

  • Cim Stordal

  • Damien Couturier

  • David Hoyt of Hoyt LLC Research

  • Jobert Abma of Online24

  • Nils Juenemann

  • Rahat Mahbub from Maple Leaf International School

  • Szymon Gruszecki of Cracow University of Technology, Poland

July 2011

  • Ben Love

  • d3v1l

  • David Hoyt of Hoyt LLC Research

  • David Vieira-Kurz of MajorSecurity

  • Emanuele Gentili of Tiger Security S.r.l.

  • Himanshu Sharma of the Doon Public School in New Delhi, India

  • Idahc

  • Michiel Prins of Online24

June 2011

  • David Hoyt of Hoyt LLC Research

  • Drew Hintz of Google Security

  • Gautam Kok

  • Graham Lee of Fuzzy Aliens

  • YGN Ethical Hacker Group

May 2011

  • Billy Rios of the Google Security Team

  • Joshua Long

  • William LaFrance

April 2011

  • Maksymilian Arciemowicz

March 2011

  • Chema Alonso

  • Manu "The Sur" Fernandez

February 2011

  • Jose A. Vazquez

  • Laurent Oudot

  • Peter Ellehauge of Yahoo! paranoids

January 2011

  • Jose A. Vazquez

Apple web server security acknowledgements by year

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