If you can't hear sound on tracks with Native Instruments Maschine in Logic Pro 10.4.5 or later

Turn off dynamic plug-in loading or force the track to activate by creating a region in the track.

With dynamic plug-in loading in Logic 10.4.5 and later, Logic only loads the plug-ins and software instruments needed to play the project, which helps projects open faster. Because Native Instruments Maschine is a generator-type of plug-in, it produces sound without any input from external MIDI or regions on its track. Normally Logic accounts for generator plug-ins, and keeps them active when loading a project. Maschine, however, reports itself to Logic as an instrument-type of plug-in, which means dynamic plug-in loading might not activate a track with Maschine inserted. 

Turn off dynamic plug-in loading

  1. With the project open, choose File > Project Settings > General.
  2. Under Opening Project, deselect the "Only load plug-ins needed for project playback."
  3. Save the project. 

If your project doesn’t contain a large number of unused tracks with large sample libraries, project load time might not be affected by turning off dynamic plug-in loading.

Force the track to activate with a region

If you want to keep dynamic plug-in loading turned on, you can force Logic to activate the Maschine track when opening the project by adding an empty region to the track.

  1. Choose the Pencil Tool from the Tools menu at the top of the main window.
  2. Click anywhere on the track to create a region.
  3. Save the project.
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