Logic Pro, MainStage : Some notes may not play

Some Software Instrument patches respond monophonically when played from a MIDI controller that is set to any MIDI channel higher than channel 1.

This is by design. Many of the patches in the Logic Pro and MainStage library are programmed to support polyphonic pitch bend when used with Logic Remote. As a consequence, notes on channels other than channel 1 only trigger one note. Follow the steps below to alter any patch to be fully polyphonic on any MIDI channel:

  1. Click the center of the Insert Slot for the Software Instrument to open its plug-in window.
  2. Click the disclosure triangle at the bottom left of the plug-in window to reveal the additional parameters.
  3. Click the MIDI Mono Mode drop-down menu and set it to Off.
  4. Close the plug-in window and hover the mouse to the left of the patch Insert Slot at the top of the channel strip. Click the gray triangle that appears to open the Patch Library (the triangle will turn blue).
  5. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the Patch Library window.
  6. In the Save Patch As dialog, give the patch a new name. You may want to simply append the word "Poly" to the end of the existing patch name to differentiate it from the original patch.
  7. Click the Save button.

When using an external MIDI controller, choose the saved polyphonic version of the patch. To take advantage of the polyphonic pitch bend with Logic Remote, you can still use the original factory version of the patch.

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