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Make video and audio calls to your family and friends, whether they’re using iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Two friends making a FaceTime video call with a couple. The two friends, who are using a MacBook, see the couple in the main image, and see themselves in the picture-in-picture image at the top-left corner of the screen. The couple is using the iPhone, and see their friends in the main image, and themselves in the top corner.
The FaceTime window before making a call. At the top left is a search field, with “Sarah” entered in the field, and below that is a list of search results showing contacts named Sarah, with buttons next to each contact that let you start a video or audio call. On the right is what your camera shows—two people ready to make a call.

Speak face-to-face

No matter where you are, at home or away, use FaceTime to talk “face-to-face” to your family and friends. Enter their contact information, then click the Video button or the Audio button.

A notification appears in the upper-right corner of the Mac screen, showing that a phone call is in progress using your iPhone.

Make calls using your Mac

If you have an iPhone, you can also make phone calls right from your Mac. Once you’ve set up your Mac to get phone calls from iPhone, make calls from a variety of apps, such as Safari or Calendar—click the Phone button.

The FaceTime window showing a man jumping while on a video call to another man. The bottom of the FaceTime window shows three buttons: The Live Photo button, which the man can click to capture a Live Photo of the moment, and the End Call and Mute buttons.

Save that special moment

During a video call, take a Live Photo of the person you’re speaking with. Click the Live Photo button.

Find out more about making video calls, making and receiving phone calls on your Mac, and taking a Live Photo.

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