About Software Updates for HomePod

Learn what’s new in HomePod software updates.

HomePod Software Version 13.4.8


HomePod Software Version 13.4.8 includes general improvements for stability and quality.

HomePod Software Version 13.4.6


HomePod software version 13.4.6 includes general improvements for stability and quality.

HomePod Software Version 13.4.5


HomePod software version 13.4.5 includes general improvements for stability and quality.

HomePod Software Version 13.4


HomePod software version 13.4 includes general improvements for stability and quality.

iOS 13.3.1


iOS 13.3.1 introduces support for Indian English Siri voices for HomePod, and includes general improvements for stability and quality.

iOS 13.3


iOS 13.3 provides bug fixes and improvements including:

  • Improves the ability of HomePod to recognize the voice profile of family members
  • Allows individual family members to enable/disable personal requests
  • Fixes an issue that could prevent music playback from resuming on a stereo pair after a phone call


iOS 13.2.1


iOS 13.2.1 provides support for new HomePod features:

  • The ability for HomePod to recognize the voices of different family members to provide a personalized experience
  • Handoff music, podcasts or phone calls by bringing your iPhone close to HomePod
  • Add music to your HomeKit scenes
  • Play relaxing high-quality soundtracks with Ambient Sounds
  • Set sleep timers to fall asleep to music or Ambient Sounds

iOS 12.4


This release includes support for HomePod in Japan and Taiwan. 

iOS 12.3


This update includes support for joining some types of enterprise networks that require unique credentials. 

iOS 12.2


iOS 12.2 includes support for joining most enterprise or university campus 802.1x networks that do not require unique credentials to join.

iOS 12.1.3


This release also includes bug fixes for HomePod. This update:

  • Fixes an issue that could cause HomePod to restart
  • Addresses an issue that could cause Siri to stop listening

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website: https://support.apple.com/kb/HT201222 

iOS 12.1.1


iOS 12.1.1 includes support for new regions and fixes bugs for your HomePod including:

  • Support in China mainland and Hong Kong
  • HomePod LEDs illuminate during Group FaceTime calls

iOS 12.1


This update includes general improvements for stability and quality.

iOS 12


iOS 12 includes HomePod support for multiple named timers, telephony, music search by lyrics, Find My iPhone, Calendar support for additional languages, and Siri shortcuts. Search by lyrics is only available in English in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

iOS 12 includes support for multiple timers, music search by lyrics, telephony and Find My iPhone.

  • Conveniently search for a song using the lyrics if you can’t remember the title (English only)
  • Create multiple named timers
  • Make and receive phone calls directly on HomePod, or simply ask Siri who is calling
  • Similar to Apple Watch, Find My iPhone on HomePod allows you to quickly locate any of your iOS or macOS devices with an audible ping
  • Calendar support to include all languages
  • View the network name in Settings  

iOS 11.4


iOS 11.4 includes AirPlay 2 multi-room audio and support for stereo pairs.

  • Place two HomePod in the same room and create a stereo pair
  • Each HomePod in a pair automatically senses its location in the room
  • Advanced beamforming provides wider soundstage than traditional stereo pair
  • Use AirPlay 2 to play the same song everywhere or different songs in different rooms to multiple HomePod and other AirPlay 2-enabled speakers 
  • Schedule, cancel, and stay up to date with your Calendar appointments (available in US, UK, Australia) 

iOS 11.3


This update includes general performance and stability improvements.

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