Expand and zoom your workspace in Keynote for Mac

Learn how to extend the canvas around a slide to create more workspace.

If you’re working with a complex slide layout, you can expand the canvas around the slide to get more space to work. You can use the extra space to add or customize images, or stage objects you want to move onto the slide during a presentation.

Click Zoom in the toolbar and make sure that Fit Slide isn’t selected. Then deselect Auto-Center.

Drag any object off the slide. As you drag an object, the canvas grows to accommodate it. You can expand the canvas to be as large as you want.

You can scroll around the canvas, or hold down the Space bar and drag to pan the canvas.

If you want to see as much of your content as possible at once, choose View > Zoom > Zoom to Fit Content.

To turn off the extended canvas, choose Zoom > Auto-Center. Objects you placed on the canvas might be out of view, but you can still select and edit them in the object list.

A Keynote document window with one object off slide in the expanded workspace area. The Zoom dropdown menu is open, with Auto-Center highlighted.

When you reopen a presentation, Auto-Center is automatically selected, even if it was deselected when you closed the presentation. If you had content on the extended canvas, it might be out of view.

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