Re-download GarageBand Learn to Play Artist Lessons

Learn how to resume interrupted or re-download previously purchased Learn to Play Artist Lessons.

If you’ve started to download Learn to Play Artist Lessons and the download is interrupted or is incomplete, you can resume the download from the Lesson Store in GarageBand. You can also download previously downloaded Artist Lessons from the Apple Store (but not from the Lesson Store in GarageBand).

Resume an interrupted Learn to Play Artist Lesson download

  1. Check your network connection. Your network connection must be active for the download to complete.

  2. Quit and reopen GarageBand. If GarageBand is already closed, click its icon to open it. An alert appears indicating that the download will resume.

  3. If GarageBand is open but the Project Chooser isn’t visible, choose File > New to open it.

  4. In the Project Chooser, click “Learn to Play,” and then click the arrow in the lower-right corner to resume the download.

If you’re still unable to complete the download, visit the GarageBand Learn to Play section of the Apple Software page for information and instructions on how to re-download your lesson.

Download a purchased Learn to Play Artist Lesson again later

  1. Log in to your Apple Store account and view your order history.

  2. Click any lesson to download it again.

Contact Apple Support

If you’re having trouble purchasing Learn to Play Artist Lessons, contact Apple Support.

If you're having trouble downloading Learn to Play Artist Lessons from your Apple Store order history, see Apple Software Shopping Help.

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