macOS High Sierra

Navigate tables on webpages

Navigate tables on webpages by grouping items within the tables. When you navigate tables by grouping, you hear a summary of a table and its cells as you press the arrow keys to navigate. You don’t need to interact with the table unless you hear something that you want to explore in detail. You can use a VoiceOver command to turn grouping on or off.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

Turn on grouping for all tables

  • Open VoiceOver Utility (press VO-F8 when VoiceOver is on), click the Web category, click Navigation, then select “Group items within.”

Turn grouping on or off for the current table

  • Press VO-Command-=.

    Only the table you’re currently in is affected by this command; other tables still use the setting specified in VoiceOver Utility. VoiceOver remembers the setting for the current table and uses it each time you navigate to that table. When you turn off grouping for a table, you must interact with the table.

Navigate tables when grouped

  • To move to the first cell in the table, press VO-Home. To move to the last cell, press VO-End.

  • To move from the table to the first item on the webpage, press VO-Shift-Home. To move to the last item on the webpage, press VO-Shift-End.

When you’re navigating tables without grouping, you can navigate more quickly to the next column by pressing VO-Command-Y, or navigate to the previous column by pressing VO-Command-Shift-Y.