macOS High Sierra

Use Siri on your Mac

Siri on your Mac can help with everyday tasks, get quick answers and information, play music, and more. For example, Siri can open files and apps, send a message, or make a FaceTime call. You can ask Siri anything—from “Set up a meeting at 9” to “What was the score for last night’s game?” to “Play some mellow music.” Siri is there to help.

The top-right portion of the Mac desktop showing the Siri icon in the menu bar and the Siri window with the request “How many centimeters are in an inch” and the reply (the conversion from Calculator). Click the icon in the bottom-center of the Siri window to make another request.

To ask Siri, click the Siri icon in the menu bar or in the Dock , or use the keyboard shortcut (the default shortcut is to press and hold Command-Space bar). If your Mac has a Touch Bar, tap the Siri icon there.

If you’re not sure what to say when the Siri window appears, ask Siri “What can you do?” or click the Help button in the Siri window.

If the Siri window doesn’t close automatically, you can close it yourself—just swipe right or click the Close button .

Tip: Siri knows your name from your contact card (also called My Card) in the Contacts app. If you added a nickname to your card, Siri uses it. Try it out by asking “What’s my name?”

Ways to use Siri

You can use Siri to get quick answers (say something like “What’s the weather tomorrow?”) or do a task for you, like send an email.