macOS High Sierra

Change your picture or another person’s picture

You can add or change your picture shown in the login window and in various apps on your Mac, and choose pictures to use for your friends, family, and other contacts.

The sidebar from the Messages app showing people’s pictures next to their names.

Your user picture

Change the picture that appears next to your name or another user’s name in the login window.

Your picture in Messages

Change the picture that appears next to your messages in other people’s buddy lists for Jabber accounts. People can select a different picture to represent you. For more information, see Change your picture in Messages.

Your picture in Mail

Mail can show a picture for you and for people who email you, depending on the pictures that are available. The pictures are shown only to you; they aren’t included in your emails. For more information, see Change pictures used in Mail.

Pictures in Contacts

Include your picture in your contact card. You can also use pictures of people in their contact cards (the pictures may appear in other apps). Your contacts don’t see the pictures you choose—only you do. For more information, see Add or change contact pictures.