Use Keynote for Mac in a video conference

Keynote makes it easy to present while video conferencing on your Mac. 

With Keynote 11, you can now view presenter controls in a separate window. This lets you see your presenter notes and the current and next slides, while keeping the audience focused on your presentation.

Start your presentation

To start your presentation, choose Play from the menu bar, choose Play Slideshow in Window, then adjust the presentation window to the desired size.

Share your screen

In your video conferencing app, choose Keynote from the Share menu. Instructions may vary depending on your video conferencing app.

Use the presenter display window

To show the presenter display window, move your pointer near the top of the slideshow window, then click the presenter display window button .

To go to the next or previous slides, use the left and right arrow keys.

To change the size of your presenter notes, move your pointer over the presenter notes, then use the text size buttons .

To show or hide thumbnails, click the thumbnail button .

Keynote presenter display window

If viewers can see the presenter display window

If viewers can see the presenter display window, make sure the setting "Show presenter display window in other applications" is not selected in the Slideshow tab of Keynote preferences.

Keynote Slideshow Preferences window

Some video conferencing apps will always show the presenter display window if it is in the shared screen area.

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