Control VoiceOver with Trackpad Commander on Mac

Learn how to enable or disable Trackpad Commander, which lets you control VoiceOver on your Mac using a trackpad.

When using VoiceOver with Trackpad Commander enabled, the pointer on your Mac sometimes turns into a blue ring. This blue ring shows you where VoiceOver is focused on your display. 

You can move the blue ring to other parts of the display by dragging your finger across the trackpad. VoiceOver then describes what the ring is hovering over.

Learn more about VoiceOver gestures with Trackpad Commander

VoiceOver Utility window showing blue ring

Enable or disable Trackpad Commander

Use VoiceOver Utility to enable Trackpad Commander:

  1. Open VoiceOver Utility. It's in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.
  2. In the sidebar of VoiceOver Utility, select Commanders.
  3. Select Enable Trackpad Commander.

Or use your keyboard to enable Trackpad Commander:

  1. While using VoiceOver, press and hold the VoiceOver modifier (usually Control-Option), then press H twice to open the Commands Help menu.
  2. Type the words Trackpad Commander.
  3. When the focus is on the toggle for Trackpad Commander, press Return to enable or disable Trackpad Commander.
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