Update iPhoto '11 to 9.0.1 before upgrading library

Learn how to update iPhoto '11 to 9.0.1 before upgrading library.

Before an existing iPhoto library can be used with iPhoto '11 it must be upgraded. This process occurs when you open your library with iPhoto '11 for the first time. In extremely rare cases, if you do not follow the recommendations below during the upgrade process, you may experience data loss. This article outlines the various events that may occur during the library upgrade process and offers advice on how to avoid data loss.

Before you update

The library upgrade process is generally safe and reliable, but it's always a good idea to have a backup of your library in case of unforeseen issues. Keep in mind that fully upgrading a very large library can take a long time, even up to an hour or more.

Before updating to iPhoto ’11, it is recommended that all customers download and install the iPhoto 9.0.1 software update:

  • From the Apple () menu, choose Software Update and check for the iPhoto 9.0.1 Update. You can also manually download the iPhoto 9.0.1 update here. Follow the instructions to install iPhoto 9.0.1 and then reopen iPhoto '11 to complete the update.

If iPhoto '11 unexpectedly quits when upgrading your library

If iPhoto unexpectedly quits during the update process, first confirm that you have installed the iPhoto 9.0.1 software update before attempting to upgrade your library again:

  • From the iPhoto menu, choose About iPhoto to view the version number.

If you attempt to upgrade your library a second (or third) time after the software unexpectedly quits, and you have not installed the iPhoto 9.0.1 software update, it is strongly recommended that you do not force quit the application during the update process. If the software unexpectedly quits, iPhoto may on subsequent launches appear to stop responding during the upgrade process. Customers are advised to let the process continue until the upgrade progress bar is displayed. For very large libraries, iPhoto '11 may appear to be inactive for several minutes before the progress bar is displayed — do not force quit the application during this period.

If you have force quit iPhoto '11 during a library upgrade, you should not attempt to open iPhoto '11 or upgrade the library again without first installing the iPhoto 9.0.1 Update.

Important: Attempting an update after a force quit may cause data loss.

Before attempting to upgrade again, first confirm that you have installed the iPhoto 9.0.1 software update.

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If you continue to experience issues upgrading your iPhoto '11 library contact AppleCare for further assistance.

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