What's new in Schoolwork

Learn about the new home base for teachers and students.

Schoolwork is a powerful iPad app that helps teachers and students use the power of iPad more effectively. Teachers can easily distribute and collect assignments, keep an eye on student progress in educational apps, and collaborate one-on-one with students from anywhere, in real time. It’s easy for students to use, too. Assignments automatically appear on their iPad devices, organized by due date and class. And Schoolwork helps teachers keep up with how everyone in class is doing so they can tailor their teaching to the needs of each student.

Some of the most useful educational materials are found within apps. With Schoolwork, teachers can browse supported apps to find content that fits their curriculum, then share specific app activities with students. In a single tap, they can go directly to the right activity.

Schoolwork is available in the App Store and requires set up of school accounts and classes in Apple School Manager by a school's IT administrator. Find out how to get set up for Schoolwork and learn more about the requirements in the Schoolwork User Guide.

Schoolwork 3 requires iPadOS 17.5 or later. To get the latest version of Schoolwork, check the Updates tab in the App Store on your iPad, or ask your IT administrator.

What's new in Schoolwork 3

  • Send assessments to a single student or the entire class by scanning or importing your existing documents.

  • Use powerful, easy-to-use scoring features.

  • Analyze item-level data to identify trends and inform instructional next steps.

  • Customize settings for students using time limits and open or closed book assessments.

  • Gain insight into student learning with at-a-glance student performance dashboard.

What's new in Schoolwork 2.5.1

This update includes performance, stability, and usability improvements.

What's new in Schoolwork 2.5

  • Understand student data more quickly with insight cards that display overall trends related to performance, frequency, time, and progress.

  • View exit ticket results for an entire class with charts to summarize and visualize the most frequently selected options and open response answers.

  • Assign an entire app for students to use for a specified amount of time.

  • Reset student passwords and create new verification codes for students within the app.

  • Allow students to add a photo, video, drawing, or audio file in their exit ticket open response answer.

What's new in Schoolwork 2.4.1

This update contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

What's new in Schoolwork 2.4

  • Add photos, drawings, videos, and audio files to instructions and try again messages for a more personalized experience

  • Use multimedia to design even more engaging exit ticket questions and answers

  • Create and schedule assignments to send to students on a specific date and time

  • Receive links to webpages for hand-in requests to give students more ways to demonstrate their learning

What's new in Schoolwork 2.3.2

  • Resolves an issue that prevented edits from saving when using Markup on a document

What's new in Schoolwork 2.3.1

  • Improved performance and ease of reviewing student work

  • Usability and stability improvements

What's new in Schoolwork 2.3

  • Get started with Schoolwork by using your school email address to request an account

  • Quickly create student accounts and share sign-in credentials

  • Create engaging exit tickets with multiple response types to gain better insights into student learning

  • See student progress on exit tickets including time spent, number of questions answered, and class response averages

  • Support for User Enrollment* allows teachers and students to use their personal iPad to access Schoolwork

  • Use the new horizontal tabs when viewing an assignment to easily switch between activities

What's new in Schoolwork 2.2.2

  • Adds support for Arabic and Hebrew languages

  • Improved performance, including when submitting hand-ins and using Split View

What's new in Schoolwork 2.2

  • View time spent for assignments containing files or links opened within Schoolwork

  • Share assignments with other teachers by exporting to Common Cartridge file format

  • Use the updated sidebar navigation to quickly access classes, assignments, and students

  • Easily edit, create a copy, share, and more by long pressing on an assignment card

What's new in Schoolwork 2.1.2

This update includes usability and stability improvements.

What's new in Schoolwork 2.1.1

  • By default, PDFs and photos assigned in Handouts now open in Schoolwork

What's new in Schoolwork 2.1

  • Import content from learning management systems using the Common Cartridge file format

  • Pull to refresh data in the Handouts tab

  • View student submission dates and times for Handout activities (requires iPadOS 14)

  • New status center at the bottom of the left hand navigation in the Handouts tab

What's new in Schoolwork 2.0.1

  • Faster loading of classes and Handouts

  • More consistent scrolling experience throughout the app

  • Improved stability when signing in, navigating classes and Handouts, and using Split View

What's new in Schoolwork 2

All new design

  • Easily switch between Handouts and Students views with new tab-based navigation

  • New sidebar gives you instant access to current classes, recents, favorites, and drafts and archived Handouts with just a tap

  • Streamlined options for adding content like app activities, photos, videos, links, and documents during Handout creation

  • See which apps have enabled student progress, and view rich activity previews when adding app activities to your Handouts

New features

  • New Handout options including locking Handouts, marking as “viewed”, requesting revisions, and returning files

  • Insights into overall class and individual student progress including completion rates, time spent, and incomplete and re-assigned activities

  • Notifications to teachers when Handouts are due or ready to be reviewed

  • Notifications to students when new Handouts are assigned or due tomorrow, a weekly summary of past due Handouts is available, and when a teacher has requested to try again

  • Teacher library that organizes drafts, favorites, and copies of Handouts from archived classes

  • New Handout archive stores Handouts from classes after they end, making it easy to reuse activities

  • In-app and Spotlight search for classes, Handouts, and students

What's new in Schoolwork 1.3.1

This update includes minor bug fixes.

What's new in Schoolwork 1.3

  • You can now create, edit, and delete classes in Schoolwork. Requires iPadOS.

  • You can now create nicknames for classes in Schoolwork.

  • This update includes usability, performance, and stability improvements.

What's new in Schoolwork 1.2.1

This update includes minor bug fixes.

What's new in Schoolwork 1.2

  • Teachers can now create activities by scanning physical paper documents. Requires iOS 12. Learn more

  • Students can now submit work in Schoolwork by scanning physical paper documents. Requires iOS 12. Learn more

  • Progress-reporting apps can now automatically set an app activity in Schoolwork as Done when a student completes the activity. Requires iOS 12.2 or later. If Schoolwork notifications are turned on, Schoolwork displays a message to students when an app activity is automatically set as Done.

  • For progress-reporting apps that use a new Schoolwork extension, teachers can now find and assign all activities associated with the app without launching it.

What's new in Schoolwork 1.1.1

This update includes minor stability improvements.

What's new in Schoolwork 1.1

  • Help resources for students are now available.

  • Teachers can now search app activities within apps that work with Schoolwork.

  • This update includes usability, performance, and stability improvements.

What's new in Schoolwork 1.0.2

This update includes minor stability improvements.

What's new in Schoolwork 1.0.1

This update includes minor stability improvements.

Schoolwork 1.0 Features

Share anything with Handouts

  • Use Handouts to easily share a homework assignment, study reminder, or class announcement with students.

  • Add PDFs, documents, web links, photos, videos, or even links to activities in an app.

  • For apps that work with Schoolwork, take students directly to a specific activity within an app.

  • Provide an easy way for students to submit a final project or demonstrate their understanding.

Keep students focused and organized

  • Direct students to a specific place when you assign an activity in an app.

  • Students see what’s due this week across all their classes.

  • In Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, students can submit homework from right within the app.

Collaborate and give real-time feedback

  • Easily collaborate with individual students or with the entire class in just a few taps.

  • Add comments to students’ work to provide feedback while they’re working on an assignment.

  • Use the new Drawing and Smart Annotation features in iWork to add feedback directly to students’ documents.

  • Use Apple Pencil or your finger to mark up PDFs, photos, and more.

Review student progress

  • Check which students are done or not done with assignments due this week.

  • See how students did across their Schoolwork assignments, including student work, quiz scores, points earned, and time spent.

  • Students can submit homework to Schoolwork from within any app.

Personalize Instruction

  • See a holistic view of a student including submitted work and progress in apps, all in one place.

  • Tailor Handouts to a single student or a group of students based on individual needs.

  • Use student progress to find students who may need an extra challenge or support.


Apple has a strong commitment to teacher and student privacy. Schools are required to opt in to Schoolwork’s student progress feature using Apple School Manager. Student progress is only recorded for teacher-assigned activities that are completed while using a school-provided Managed Apple ID. All student progress data is encrypted in transit and at rest. If a school does not opt in, teachers and students can still use Schoolwork without this feature.

In order to improve the Schoolwork product as well as help your school understand how students and teachers are using Schoolwork, Apple collects anonymous data about your Schoolwork activity that may also be shared with your school. This data will not be used for any other purpose and does not include personally identifiable information.

Learn more about privacy and security for Apple products in education.

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The Schoolwork app is named Classwork in Australia and New Zealand.

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