Set transcoding properties automatically in Compressor

For older codecs, Compressor can now automatically set video and audio properties based on your source media when transcoding to the MXF or QuickTime format.

Compressor has always been able to automatically configure video and audio properties for most modern formats when choosing codecs from the lower section of the codec list like Animation, Apple ProRes, H.264 and HEVC.

Now, when using the MXF or QuickTime format, Compressor can automatically configure video properties when you choose an older codec from the upper section of the codec list, like AVC-Intra, DVCProHD, or HDV. Compressor can automatically configure audio properties when using the QuickTime format to transcode audio files.

Compressor analyzes your source media, then sets the optimal video and audio properties. When you select a codec, Automatic appears in the Video and Audio Properties pop-up menus in the Inspector. If you change properties like frame size or frame rate, Compressor automatically updates other properties so they're compatible with the change you've made.

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