macOS High Sierra

Install and reinstall purchased apps

There are several ways to install and reinstall apps that you purchased with your Apple ID or that came with your new Mac.

Note: In the App Store, all purchased apps are listed under Purchased. All of your purchases are tied to your Apple ID, and can’t be transferred to another Apple ID. If you make purchases on your iPad, iPhone, or another Mac, always sign in using the same Apple ID so you can see all of your store purchases on this Mac and download any available updates.

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Install apps that you purchased on a different computer

You can install and reinstall any app that you purchased with your Apple ID on other Mac computers.

  • Click Purchased, then click Install.

Automatically download apps that you purchased on a different computer

  • Choose App Store > Preferences, then select “Automatically download apps purchased on other Macs.”

Reinstall apps

If you uninstalled or deleted an app that you purchased in the App Store, you can install it again.

  • Click Purchased, locate the app you want, then click Install.

Add preinstalled apps to your account

If your Mac came with preinstalled apps, such as GarageBand, iMovie, and Photos, you can add them to your account.

Do one of the following:

  • Update from the Purchased area: Click Purchased, click Accept, then sign in using the Apple ID for the account you want to add the apps to.

  • Update from the Featured, Top Charts, or Categories area: Locate the app in the Featured, Top Charts, or Categories area, then click Accept.

After preinstalled apps are added to your account, they’re listed with the rest of your purchased apps. If you delete the apps later, you can reinstall them using the instructions above.

Manage app subscriptions

You can change renewal settings for app subscriptions you purchased in the App Store.

  1. Choose Store > View My Account, sign in, then click Manage (next to Subscriptions).

  2. If an app is set to renew automatically, do any of the following:

    • Change your renewal duration: Select a setting in the Renewal Options list.

    • Turn off automatic renewal: Click Cancel Subscription.

You can also download an app from the Internet or install an app from a disc. See Install, update, and uninstall apps for instructions.