Get your Mac ready for a service

To save time and protect your information, complete as many of these steps as you can before getting your Mac serviced.

1. Create a backup

Back up your Mac in case it becomes necessary to erase or replace its disk during the service.

2. Arrange a service

Arrange a service. Depending on availability in your area, you can make a reservation at an Apple Store, find an Apple Authorised Service Provider or set up a mail-in service.

3. Check your settings

To help ensure that the service technician can perform any necessary diagnostic testing, complete these steps. If you're unable to do this, the technician may need to discuss options with you.

If you're concerned about the security of your data during the service, either turn on FileVault or remove your data, such as by erasing all content and settings.

4. Gather your information

If you're taking your Mac to a service location:

  • Bring the sales receipt with you, if you have it. You may need your Apple ID password and a form of personal identification, such as a driver licence, passport or other government-issued ID.
  • Make sure you know the account name and password for your macOS user account in case you need to log in to your Mac at the service location.

5. Gather your equipment

If you're taking your Mac to a service location, bring its power cable and any accessories that you need help with as well.

If you've arranged a mail-in service, follow the postage and packaging instructions you've received.


If you need help, contact Apple Support for more information.


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