About ePubs created with iBooks Author

iBooks Author 2.3 and later includes new ePub templates with which you can create media-rich books compatible with iBooks and other ePub readers.

The new iBooks Author ePub templates:

  • Export to ePub3 format.
  • Allow the reader to read in both paginated and scrolling view.
  • Allow the reader to change the font size in the book.
  • Can include some interactive widgets, such as movies, audio clips, HTML, and image galleries.
  • Can be viewed in any ePub reader that supports ePub3.

When you view ePubs created with these new templates in iBooks, they'll look like they did in iBooks Author. In other reading applications, they might appear slightly different. Also, you won't be able to change fonts or view ePubs created with these new templates in night mode.

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