Use startup modifier keys with Logic Pro

If Logic Pro stops responding or quits unexpectedly when you open the app, use startup modifier keys to troubleshoot the issue.

By holding down modifier keys while you open Logic Pro, you can put Logic Pro into one of several troubleshooting modes. To do this, go to your Applications folder, double-click the Logic Pro app, then hold down the respective modifier key(s) from the table below until a dialogue appears or Logic Pro opens.

Modifier key(s) Description Purpose
Control Start without audio This can be helpful to rule out issues with a specific Core Audio driver, especially if you're using an external audio interface. In some cases, Logic Pro may stop responding or quit unexpectedly while initialising the Core Audio driver. If Logic Pro opens, you may need to update or service your external audio interface.
Shift-Control Audio Units safe mode If you have enabled Audio Units that have previously failed the Audio Units validation scan, open Logic Pro in this mode. In this mode, Logic Pro only loads validated Audio Units. The validation scan takes place automatically when Logic Pro is first opened, when an updated version of Logic Pro is installed and when you install new plug-ins or update existing ones.
Option Open without automatic startup actions  This opens Logic Pro without automatically loading the most recent project, the Open dialogue, Templates dialogue or any other option as set on the Project Handling pane of the General Preferences window. This can help rule out issues that may be caused by the currently loaded project. For further troubleshooting, press the Option key then choose File > New to load an empty default project.
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