If Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager asks you to approve new terms and conditions

Apple sometimes updates the macOS, iOS, or tvOS Software License Agreement, often when releasing a new OS version. When a Software License Agreement is updated, an Apple School Manager Administrator, an Apple Business Manager Administrator, or the Device Enrollment Program Agent must log into the program website to review and agree to the updated terms.

About Administrators and Agents

The person who completes the initial program enrollment also accepts the following Terms and Conditions on behalf of the enrolling organization:

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program, Apple School Manager Agreement, or Apple Business Manager Agreement
  • macOS Software License Agreement
  • iOS Software License Agreement
  • tvOS Software License Agreement

After completing enrollment, this person becomes the Administrator in Apple School Manager (ASM) or Apple Business Manager (ABM), or Agent in the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). In ASM or ABM, this person can also designate up to four more Administrators. In DEP, there is only one Agent.

Accepting updated agreements

After Apple updates one of these agreements, any ASM Administrator, ABM Administrator, or DEP Agent must sign in to the program website to accept any new agreements.

If you don’t accept the agreements

Devices assigned to a Mobile Device Management (MDM) server in ASM, ABM, or DEP won’t be affected. If you erase all content and settings on a device, the device is still assigned to the same MDM server, and the same settings are applied during setup.

However, these conditions apply until the new agreements are accepted:

  • ASM instructors and managers can reset user passwords and send or print login information, but other site functions will be disabled.
  • ABM managers can reset user passwords and send or print login information, but other site functions will be disabled.
  • DEP admins (other than the Agent) won’t be able to log into the DEP portal until the Agent accepts the updated agreements.
  • In ASM, ABM, and DEP, you can’t assign new devices to your MDM server, even if you have selected the option to automatically assign new purchases to a specific MDM server.
  • Your MDM server might report an error message like "403 T_C_NOT_SIGNED” when communicating with Apple’s device management servers.
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