If you're asked to enter an AirPlay password on Apple TV

Find out how to manage AirPlay settings to control who can stream content to your Apple TV.

The first time you use AirPlay with your Apple TV, you'll see an onscreen password. Enter the password into your device to stream content to Apple TV. Or if you're using Conference Room Display, a message will always appear on the display with AirPlay connection instructions and wireless network details.

If you see a password and aren't using AirPlay

If you see a password notification on your Apple TV and you aren't trying to use AirPlay, you may need to adjust your AirPlay settings.  

On your Apple TV, go to Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit.

From here, you can give your Apple TV a unique name and assign it to a room so you can easily identify it when using AirPlay. You can also choose who can stream content using AirPlay to your Apple TV:

  • Everyone: Anyone can see and stream content to your Apple TV.
  • Anyone on the Same Network: Anyone connected to your home Wi-Fi network can stream content to your Apple TV.
  • Only People Sharing This Home: People who you've invited to control your home in the Home app can stream content to your Apple TV.
  • Require Password: A password will be required before anyone can stream content to your Apple TV.

Set up Device Verification for Apple TV (3rd generation)

To set up a requirement for a one-time, onscreen password for all AirPlay-enabled devices, go to Settings > AirPlay > Security and turn on Require Device Verification.

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