Connecting iPod to your home or car stereo auxiliary input using the headphone jack

iPod has a 3.5 mm headphone jack you can use to connect to a home or car stereo using third-party stereo adapters. Note: Compatible devices must be self-powered.

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Connecting to a home stereo

  1. For most home stereo systems, connect iPod to your amplifier's sound input using a 3.5 mm mini stereo to RCA adapter cable.
  2. Adjust the volume on iPod to less than half to prevent overdriving your amplifier. Adjust the listening volume using your stereo's controls.

    Note: Depending on your stereo, iPod may need to be set higher than half in order to get a proper volume through external speakers.

Connecting to a car stereo

Use an extension cable with 3.5 mm stereo connectors on each end to connect iPod to your car stereo system's aux input, or use a cassette adapter if your car stereo doesn't have a sound input jack. Either of these items can be purchased at stores that sell car stereo accessories.

iPod models that include a dock connector may be able to connect to some car stereos with a special adapter.

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