Mac computer status indicator light behaviour

Find out more about the various status indicator light (SIL) behaviours you may see on your device and what they mean.

The status indicator light (SIL) on Mac mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro devices will display different colours and patterns based on the state of your Mac. These patterns also occur on some earlier MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac models, though not all Mac computers have an SIL. If you have a Mac Pro, find out about the status indicator light behaviour on Mac Pro (2023) or Mac Pro (2019).

Turned off


If your Mac is turned off, the status indicator light will not be illuminated.

Turned on or in sleep mode


When your Mac is on or sleeping, the status indicator light is solid white and remains on until the computer turns off.

On Mac mini models introduced in 2010 and earlier, the status indicator light will turn off after the display is turned on. On Mac models introduced in 2014 and earlier, the status indicator light will pulsate on and off slowly when the computer is in sleep mode.

Firmware recovery mode


If your Mac is in firmware recovery mode, the status indicator light will flash amber rapidly or will be solid amber. Your display may be blank during this time. You may need to revive the firmware on your Mac with Apple silicon or the Apple T2 Security Chip. If you still need help, contact an Apple Authorised Service Provider.

If the SIL flashes

If the SIL flashes white one or more times after turning on your computer, there may be a hardware issue. To isolate the issue, run Apple Diagnostics.

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