Close split screen or a floating app on your iPad

With iPadOS multitasking, you can have more than one app open on your iPad screen at the same time. If you want to get out of multitasking and focus on one app, follow these steps.

How to close or get out of split screen on your iPad

  1. Touch the controller in the middle of the vertical bar between the two apps.

  2. Drag the controller off the screen in the direction of the app that you want to close.

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Merge tabs and windows in Safari

If you have two Safari windows open in Split View, you can merge all of the tabs from both windows into one. Touch and hold the windows buttonNo alt supplied for Image, then tap Merge All Windows.

You can also close tabs by tapping Close All [number] Tabs or tapping the close buttonNo alt supplied for Image to close tabs individually.

How to remove a floating app from your iPad screen with Slide Over

  1. Touch the app controllerthe dash icon at the top of the floating app window.

  2. Swipe the app off the screen to the left or right.

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