If your Apple TV can't connect to Wi-Fi

If you can't connect to Wi-Fi or play films, songs or other content on your Apple TV, find out what to do.

Follow the steps below if your Apple TV can't connect to Wi-Fi. After each step, try connecting to Wi-Fi again.

If your Apple TV is connected to Wi-Fi but you can't watch and stream films or TV shows in the Apple TV app, find out what to do.

Connect to Wi-Fi

If your Apple TV has an Ethernet port, make sure your Apple TV isn't connected to an Ethernet cable. If you're using an Ethernet cable, you won't see the option to connect to Wi-Fi.

Go to Settings > Network, then choose a Wi-Fi network to join. If asked, enter your Wi-Fi password. If you don't know your password, find out what to do.

If you want to connect to a captive network

Apple TV supports captive networks, which are networks that require an additional or secondary login. To connect to one of these networks, update your Apple TV to the latest software. Then follow the steps above to connect to Wi-Fi. During the setup process, your Apple TV will prompt you to continue on your iPhone or iPad. Select Continue on iPhone or iPad, then follow the onscreen instructions on your device to complete the setup process.

If there's a problem connecting to the network or you've received a password error

On the Apple TV menu, go to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi. Select your current Wi-Fi network and click Forget Network. Press Menu or the Back button on your Apple TV Remote. Then click Network again and select your Wi-Fi network to connect.

If you want to switch from an Ethernet connection to Wi-Fi

Unplug the Ethernet cable from your Apple TV. You may have to wait several minutes for Apple TV to notify you that you can join a Wi-Fi network.

Apple TV may be able to join some education or business networks that use a profile. Ask the network's system administrator for more information.

Check that everything is on, connected and in range

Make sure your internet router is connected to your modem and both are turned on. If your router and modem are combined, make sure that the device is turned on.

If possible, keep your Apple TV and Wi-Fi router in the same room, but don't place your Apple TV directly on or within 30cm of your router. Try to avoid physical obstructions in the path of your wireless signal, especially metal surfaces. If your Apple TV has an Ethernet port, connect your Apple TV directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable for the best experience.

Restart your Apple TV, router and modem

After you've restarted each device, see if you still need help.

On the Apple TV menu, go to Settings > System and select Restart.

Unplug your router and your cable or DSL modem from power. Then plug them back in.

Use an Ethernet cable and check for software updates

If your Apple TV has an Ethernet port, try connecting your Apple TV directly to your router, or cable or DSL modem using an Ethernet cable. Apple TV will connect to the internet with either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. When you use an ethernet cable, Apple TV automatically uses that connection instead of your Wi-Fi network.

Join your network and check for software updates. Go to Settings > System > Software Updates. If there's an update, install it. Then unplug your Ethernet cable and try joining your Wi-Fi network again.

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