If you can't share to DVD or Blu-ray disc in Final Cut Pro, Motion 5 or Compressor

If you're using an image for the background, logo image or title image, try converting the image using Preview.

If you're trying to share to DVD or Blu-ray in Final Cut Pro on Mac, Motion or Compressor, and "The share operation DVD has failed” or "The share operation Blu-ray has failed” alert appears, check the format of the file you're using for the background, logo image or title image.

Check the format of the image

Select the image in Finder and choose Get Info. In necessary, click the disclosure arrowthe disclosure arrow next to General. If "High Efficiency Image File Format" (HEIF) appears next to Kind, convert the file to another format with Preview.

Convert the HEIF file

  1. Locate the file in the Finder, then double-click the file to open it in Preview.

  2. Choose File > Export.

  3. Enter a name and choose a location for your file.

  4. Hold the Option key, click the Format pop-up menu, then choose one of the following file types:

    • JPEG

    • PNG

    • TIFF

    • PDF

    • PSD

    • BMP

    • GIF

  5. Click Save.

  6. Update your Menu Graphics with the new converted file, then share to DVD or Blu-ray again.

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