About joining Apple Music through your mobile phone service provider

Through some mobile phone service providers, you can join Apple Music as part of your cellular plan.

Contact your mobile phone service provider directly to see if they offer Apple Music bundling. Before you can use all of the features of Apple Music, you must link your Apple ID and mobile number.

Current availability

Bundling is currently supported only in certain countries and regions and through certain mobile service providers. You can sign up for Apple Music through the providers listed below:

This table is subject to change.

How to link your Apple ID and mobile number

  1. Open the Music app, then tap Listen Now. 
  2. When asked to confirm your Apple ID, tap Continue to log in with the Apple ID displayed on the screen. If you want to link a different Apple ID, tap "Want to use a different Apple ID?" and sign in.

You can also go to https://applemusic.com/carrier on your mobile device to verify your subscription and link your Apple ID. 

If you have a Dual SIM phone, you can activate Apple Music bundled with your mobile phone provider on your default line.

On Android devices, you might see a message that asks you to allow Apple Music to make and manage phone calls. When you tap Allow, you give Apple the ability to confirm your wireless phone number and give you access to Apple Music. Apple Music will not actually make or manage any of your phone calls.

If your carrier no longer offers Apple Music bundling

You can sign up for an individual subscription using the same Apple ID that you previously used with Apple Music. If you need help unlinking your account, contact your carrier.

Learn more

  • If you signed up for Apple Music through both your mobile phone service provider and Apple, cancel one of your subscriptions. You can cancel your subscription through Apple on your iPhone or on your Android phone. If you want to cancel your bundled Apple Music subscription, contact your mobile phone service provider.
  • If you set up a carrier bundle that includes an Apple Music subscription and you already have a subscription to Apple Music, you might see a message that says “This subscription is being used with a different Apple ID.” If you see this message, contact Apple Support to get help unlinking your Apple ID.
  • If you can't verify your subscription, make sure that you're connected to the Internet. If you're using cellular data on your iPhone or iPad, make sure that Cellular Data is turned on in Settings > Cellular. You might also see a message asking you to verify your subscription if you're signed up through both Apple and your mobile phone service provider. 
  • If you see a message that says your phone number can't be verified, follow these steps:
    • On your iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings > Phone > My Number. If your mobile phone number isn't correct, enter the correct number, then tap Save.
    • On your Android device: Make sure that you have the latest version of the Apple Music app. Then, close the app and go to Settings > Apps > Apple Music > Permissions and turn off the Phone permission. Reopen Apple Music, and when asked about SIM permissions, allow it. Deny the second message about Phone permissions, and enter your correct mobile phone number manually.

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