Logic Pro/Express 8 and 9: Discussion of the Normalize feature in the Bounce dialog

Logic 8 and later offer a new Normalize check box in the Bounce dialog window. When it's selected, Logic calculates the maximum possible volume for the bounce without exceeding 0 dBFS, and writes a resulting audio file with the optimum level for whatever format you are bouncing to. There are several points to keep in mind with this feature:

  • The full dynamic range is always maintained. There is no compression, limiting or distortion involved.
  • The normalized bounce file is calculated with 32-bit floating point math, and then mapped to your selected final destination file format (such as 24-bit WAVE, 16-bit AIFF, AAC, etc.). This ensures maximum fidelity and resolution, unlike many other normalization algorithms that perform their operations using fixed point math that may result in distortion and audio degradation.
  • If your peak levels are right at 0 dBFS, then the Normalize function will have no effect. If your peak output levels are in excess of 0 dBFS, they will be brought down to 0 dBFS. This is a great safety feature that can prevent clipping in mixes where you have inadvertently left the peak output levels a bit too high. However, it is still good practice to avoid setting levels so that your outputs exceed 0 dB, because you may hear clipping in your monitored signal as you mix.
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