Find your lost iPhone or iPad with Find My

Find your lost iPhone or iPad with Find My. If you can't find it or think it might be stolen, lock it to protect your information and stop someone else from using it.

Find your iPhone or iPad with Find My

In the Find My app or on the web at, you can find your phone on a map, play a sound if it's nearby, and mark it as lost to lock it with a passcode until you find it again.

Use your Apple Watch

Think your iPhone is nearby? If you have an Apple Watch, open Control Center and tap the Ping your iPhone button. With Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2, you can even get directions to your phone's location right on your watch.*

Use in a web browser

When you sign in, you might be asked to enter a code sent to a trusted device. If you lost your trusted device, or otherwise can't get the code, select the Find Devices button instead.

Sign in to

Use the Find My app on another device

If you have another Apple device that's signed in with your Apple ID, use Find My on that device to find your iPhone or iPad.

Use Find My on another Apple device

Use a family member's device

If you're part of a Family Sharing group, your devices can appear in Find My on your family members' devices.

Use a family member's iPhone

*If your Apple Watch is in Low Power Mode, you can't use Precision Finding to get directions to your iPhone with the Ping your iPhone button.

If you can't find your iPhone or iPad

If Find My isn't turned on for your device before you lose it, it won't appear in Find My or at and you can't put it in Lost Mode. To protect your personal information, you should change your Apple ID password right away. You might want to change your password for other accounts, too.

Mark as Lost

When you mark your iPhone or iPad as lost, you remotely lock it with a passcode to keep your device and information secure. To help someone return it to you, you can display a custom message with your contact information. When you mark your device as lost, the cards and passes that you use with Apple Pay are also turned off.

If your iPhone or iPad is lost permanently or was stolen

  • Change your Apple ID password: Sign in to, then choose Sign-in and Security from the sidebar. Select Password and follow the instructions.
  • Remotely erase your iPhone or iPad: If you have access to a trusted device or a family member's device, erase your device with Find My. Otherwise, erase your device from
  • If your iPhone is covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, file a claim for an iPhone replacement. Don't remove your iPhone from Find My or your Apple ID until your claim has been fully approved.
  • Report it to local law enforcement. They might request the serial number of your iPhone or iPad, which you can find even if you don't have the device. Learn how to find the serial number of your device.
  • Contact your wireless carrier to report your missing iPhone, ask them to disable your account, and file a claim if your iPhone is covered under your wireless carrier plan.
  • Remove your iPhone or iPad from your trusted devices: Sign in to, then choose Devices from the sidebar. Select your device, scroll down, and select Remove from account. If you filed an iPhone Theft and Loss claim, don't remove the iPhone from your trusted devices until your claim has been fully approved.

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss is not available in all countries and regions.

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