Merchant training for Apple Pay

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Get ready to train your employees

Every store associate should know that your store accepts Apple Pay, or they should know the date that it will be available. Use the outlines below to help your employees learn about Apple Pay and how it works in your store.

About your store

Make sure that your employees know where customers will use Apple Pay within your specific payment process and point of sale (POS) system: 

  • Explain how to use Apple Pay with your payment terminals, including where to position iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Identify which buttons or key commands your associates would need to use to process an Apple Pay transaction.
  • Identify which button customers might need to press on the payment terminal. For example, a customer might need to select debit or credit on the terminal first, then hold iPhone near the reader. 
  • Describe your transaction flow and where Apple Pay fits in. For example, if the full value of the transaction must be calculated before Apple Pay can be used, your associates must know when to prompt customers to initiate payment with Apple Pay.
  • If you integrated your rewards or store card into Apple Pay, outline the customer flow for your store and process. Make sure that associates can help customers receive and redeem rewards using their rewards cards.
  • If transactions above a certain amount in your store require a signature, include those details. (Apple Pay is supported for all transaction amounts.)
  • Show that debit card transactions might still require customers to enter a PIN.
  • Explain how to make returns with Apple Pay.
  • Communicate your internal escalation path to help associates address issues that customers might have when using Apple Pay at POS.

About Apple Pay

Help your employees learn about Apple Pay with this guided tour. Here are a few other ways to help your employees understand Apple Pay: 

  • Use photos or a video of Apple Pay transactions in your stores to enhance your training materials.
  • Learn how customers use Apple Pay in stores globally. Or see how customers use Apple Pay in stores in Japan or China mainland.
  • Get Apple Pay setup instructions for iPhone or Apple Watch or create a short video to demonstrate the quick and easy customer experience.
  • Set up and use Apple Pay on your own device and have employees set it up on theirs. 
  • Create a script to help your associates anticipate potential customer questions and conversations.

Best practices

Display the Apple Pay mark prominently near your point of sale and on your payment terminal screen to let customers know that they can use Apple Pay in your store.

contactless payment reader icon  Apple Pay icon  

Learn how to get Apple Pay decals.

Use store cards and rewards cards

Apple Pay supports store cards and rewards cards, so customers get the easy, secure, and private way to pay with the full benefits of your store card or rewards program. To learn how to offer your store or rewards card with Apple Pay, contact merchant support.

If your store offers a store or reward card with Apple Pay, consider these points:

Store cards

  • Customers might ask associates how to add your store card to Apple Pay. Explain that adding a store card is just like adding any other credit card to Apple Pay. 
  • Your store might support holding the device near the reader to initiate a nonreceipt return. Make sure that your associates know how store cards can be used with returns. 
  • If your store card offers rewards points, special financing, or other benefits, you should confirm that these benefits work with Apple Pay.  Make sure that associates are aware of available benefits.

Rewards cards

  • Customers might ask associates how to add your rewards card with Apple Pay. Explain that the most common way to add the rewards card to Wallet is through your app, then selecting the Add to Apple Wallet button.
  • Ensure your associates know how to process a transaction when the customer first uses a rewards card to earn or redeem rewards program benefits, and then makes a payment using Apple Pay.

Learn more about rewards cards.

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