If some software instrument notes won't play in Logic Pro for Mac or MainStage

If you set a MIDI controller to a MIDI channel higher than channel one, some software instrument patches might respond monophonically.

For example, you might hear only one note of a three-chord note when playing a particular software instrument patch. Here's how to change the patch so it's fully polyphonic on any MIDI channel:

  1. To open the plug-in window, click the center of the Insert Slot for the software instrument.

  2. Click the disclosure triangle at the bottom of the plug-in window to reveal additional parameters.

  3. Click the MIDI Mono Mode pop-up menu, then select Off.

  4. Close the plug-in window.

  5. Move your pointer to the left of the Insert Slot for the software instrument, then click the gray triangle to open the library to the location of the current patch.

  6. Click the Save button at the bottom right of the Library.

  7. In the Save Setting As dialog, enter a new name for the patch.

  8. Click Save. When using an external MIDI controller with the patch, choose the saved polyphonic version of the patch.

When using Logic Remote to control the patch, choose the factory version of the patch to take advantage of different types of controls like polyphonic pitch bend.

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