Product security certifications for watchOS

This article contains references for key product certifications, cryptographic validations, and security guidance for watchOS platforms.

In addition to the general certificates listed here, other certificates might have been issued in order to demonstrate specific security requirements for some markets.

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The following documents can be useful in context with these certifications and validations:

For information on public certifications related to Apple Internet Services, see:

For information on public certifications related to Apple applications, see:

For information on public certifications related to Apple operating systems, see:

For information on public certifications related to hardware and associated firmware components, see:

Cryptographic module validations

All Apple FIPS 140-2/-3 Conformance Validation Certificates are on the CMVP web site. Apple actively engages in the validation of the CoreCrypto User and CoreCrypto Kernel modules for each major release of an operating system. Validation of conformance can only be performed against a final module release version and formally submitted upon OS public release. 

The CMVP maintains the validation status of cryptographic modules under four separate lists depending on their current status. The modules may begin in the Implementation Under Test List and then proceed to the Modules in Process List. Once validated they appear on the validated cryptographic modules list, and after five years are moved to the “historical” list.

In 2020 the CMVP adopt the international standard, ISO/IEC 19790, as the basis for FIPS 140-3.

For more information about FIPS 140-2/-3 validations, see Apple Platform Security.

  CMVP Certificate Number Module Name Module Type SL Validation Date Documents
watchOS 6 user space, kernel space, and secure key store (sepOS) are currently under test. Please check Implementation Under Test List  and the Modules in Process List.

watchOS 5

on Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple Watch Series 4

3438 Apple CoreCrypto Kernel Module v9.0 for ARM SW 1 2019-04-23
3433 Apple CoreCrypto User Module v9.0 for ARM SW 1 2019-04-11
3523 Apple Secure Key Store Cryptographic Module v9.0
HW 2 2019-09-10

watchOS 4

on Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 3

3148 Apple CoreCrypto User Module v8.0 for ARM SW 1 2018-03-09


3147 Apple CoreCrypto User Module v8.0 for ARM SW 1 2018-03-09


3223 Apple CoreCrypto User Module v8.0 for ARM HW 1 2019-09-10

Common Criteria (CC) certifications

NIAP typically maintain evaluations on the Product Compliant List for two years, after which they are reviewed for conformance with the current assurance maintenance policy. The CC Portal may maintain products on the certified product list for five years. 

The Common Criteria Portal lists certifications that can be mutually recognized under the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA).

For more information about Common Criteria certifications, see Apple Platform Security.

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