What’s new in Keynote for Mac

Learn about the new features in Keynote 11.0 for Mac.

New presenter options

View your presenter notes, current slide, and next slide in a separate window while presenting.

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And more

  • Thumbnail images in the Build Order window make it easier to edit complex sequences.
  • Updated media browser offers enhanced search options and new content categories such as Recents, Portraits, and Live Photos.
  • Add phone number links to table cells, text objects, and shapes.
  • Use AppleScript to change a presentation password or open password-protected presentations.

Get complete step-by-step instructions and information on all the features in Keynote for Mac.

New in Keynote 10.3.5 for Mac

  • Refined new design on macOS Big Sur.
  • Stability and performance improvements.


New in Keynote 10.2 for Mac

  • Play YouTube and Vimeo videos right in your presentations.* Learn more
  • Use Play in Window for Recorded Slideshows. Learn more
  • Movie export now supports a wide selection of formats and frame rates.
  • Enhance your presentations with a variety of new, editable shapes.

* May not be available in all regions.

New in Keynote 10.1 for Mac

  • Use the new “Play Slideshow in Window” option to have access to other applications while presenting locally or via video conferencing. Learn more
  • Movies can now play through slide transitions. Add the same movie to multiple slides to play from one slide to the next. Learn more
  • Use the Align to Path option to have objects stay pointed in the correct direction while following a motion path. Learn more
  • Easily add captions and titles to images, videos, shapes, and other objects. Learn more

New in Keynote 10.0 for Mac

  • Select from a variety of gorgeous new themes to help you get started.
  • Add a Keynote presentation to a shared iCloud Drive folder to automatically start collaborating. Requires macOS 10.15.4. Learn more
  • Edit shared presentations while offline and your changes will upload when you’re back online. Learn more
  • Easily access your recently used themes in a redesigned theme chooser.
  • Print or export a PDF of your presentation with comments included. Learn more
  • Add a drop cap to make text stand out with a large, decorative first letter. Learn more
  • Enhance your presentations with a variety of new, editable shapes.
  • New “Keyboard” text build in and build out animation.

New in Keynote 9.2 for Mac

  • Easily add HEVC-formatted movies to presentations, enabling reduced file size while preserving visual quality. Learn more
  • Jump to a specific slide in your presentation using a new menu command.
  • Add accessibility descriptions to audio and video. Learn more
  • Improved accessibility of exported PDFs.

New in Keynote 9.1 for Mac

  • Style your text by filling it with gradients or images, or by applying new outline styles. Learn more
  • Place images, shapes, and equations inline in text boxes so they move with text. Learn more
  • Edit master slides while collaborating on a presentation.
  • Using face detection, subjects in photos are intelligently positioned in placeholders and objects.

New in Keynote 9.0 for Mac

  • Create and share an animated GIF by exporting one or more slides.
  • Save custom shapes for use in other presentations and access them on any device using iCloud. Learn more
  • Create themes to use as a model for new presentations, and access them on any device using iCloud. Learn more
  • Slides with custom wider aspect ratios now display better in the slide navigator, light table, and presenter display.
  • Improved performance while collaborating on presentations.
  • Edit grouped objects while collaborating.
  • Support for vertical text in shapes and text boxes in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Learn more

New in Keynote 8.2 for Mac

  • Use Dark Mode to give Keynote a dramatic dark look. Requires macOS MojaveLearn more
  • Support for Continuity Camera allows you to take a photo or scan a document with your iPhone or iPad and it automatically appears in your presentation on your Mac. Requires macOS Mojave and iOS 12Learn more
  • Easily record, edit, and play audio right on a slide. Learn more
  • Enhance your presentations with a variety of new editable shapes.
  • Performance and stability improvements.

New in Keynote 8.1 for Mac

  • Add mathematical equations using LaTeX or MathML notation. Learn more
  • Give charts a new look with rounded corners on columns and bars.
  • Enhance your presentations with a variety of new editable shapes.
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Improved support for Arabic and Hebrew. Learn more

New in Keynote 8.0 for Mac

  • Collaborate in real time on presentations stored in Box. Requires macOS High SierraLearn more
  • Use donut charts to visualize data in an engaging new way.
  • Add an interactive image gallery to view a collection of photos.
  • Enhance presentations with a variety of new editable shapes.
  • Additional options for reducing the file size of presentations.

New in Keynote 7.3 for Mac

  • New ability to filter the object list by typing object names. Learn more
  • Performance and stability improvements.

New in Keynote 7.2 for Mac

  • Enhance your documents using a library of over 500 professionally drawn shapes. Learn more
  • Reply to comments and join threaded conversations. Learn more
  • New auto-correction and text replacement options save time while typing. Learn more
  • Edit presenter notes while displaying slides in Light Table view.
  • Scroll anywhere with new pan and zoom options. Learn more
  • Improved support for Hebrew and Arabic languages.
  • The Stock and Currency functions now return data from the previous market day’s. Learn more

New in Keynote 7.1 for Mac

  • New Object List makes it easy to select, edit, and organize objects even on complex slides. Learn more
  • New option to display presenter notes on black background makes them easier to read while presenting in low-light settings.
  • Quickly open password-protected documents using Touch ID on the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. Learn more
  • Easily replace fonts throughout an entire presentation.
  • New leader lines make pie charts easier to read.
  • New stock and currency functions provide up-to-date securities data in tables. Learn more
  • Post interactive presentations on Medium, WordPress, and other websites. Learn more
  • Import Keynote 1.0 presentations. Learn more
  • Customize dates, times, and currencies for your language or region.

New in Keynote 7.0 for Mac

  • Real-time collaboration (feature in beta).
    • Edit a presentation with others at the same time in Keynote on Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iCloud.com.
    • Share your presentation publicly or with specific people
    • See who else is in a presentation
    • See participants’ cursors as they’re editing. Learn more
  • Keynote Live lets you present a slideshow that viewers can follow from their Mac, iPad, iPhone, and from iCloud.com. Learn more
  • Open and edit Keynote ’05 presentations. Learn more
  • Use tabs to work with multiple presentations in one window.
  • Wide color gamut image support.
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