If you see error 0x80090318 when you try to open the iTunes Store

Software that monitors Internet traffic on Windows PCs might conflict with Apple software, including iTunes and iCloud for Windows. 

If you have software on your computer that monitors Internet traffic, you might see error 0x80090318 when you:

  • Open the iTunes Store.
  • Update or back up iOS devices.
  • Start the Apple Mobile Device Service.
  • Sign in to iCloud for Windows.

This type of software might use a Layered Service Provider (LSP), which can help identify the particular program installed. Software that monitors Internet communication includes both valid programs, such as security or content filtering software, and potentially unwanted programs that use ad-injection, sometimes called adware.

Other indications that potentially unwanted software is installed on your computer include your search engine changing without you changing it or an increase in the number of pop-up ads displayed in your browser. Use the steps below to identify and remove this software.

Identify and remove Layered Service Provider software

  1. Download Autoruns for Windows from Microsoft.
  2. Look for Autoruns.zip on your computer. Open the compressed folder.
  3. After reviewing the contents and the license, drag Autoruns.exe to the desktop.
  4. Open Autoruns.exe.
  5. Click the Winsock Providers tab.
  6. A list of software appears, including a column that shows the software's publisher.
  7. For software other than Bonjour, which is published by Apple, check with the publisher for support to resolve the conflict between their software and Apple software.
  8. If the publisher is unfamiliar to you, locate their information.

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