macOS High Sierra

Navigate, sort, and reorder tables

VoiceOver provides several ways to navigate tables by row and column. You can also sort and reorder columns.

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

Navigate rows

  • To hear a row header, press VO-R.

  • To hear a row from the VoiceOver cursor to the end of the row, press VO-R-R.

You can have VoiceOver read the header text when it navigates a table row, which is useful for identifying the type of content in each cell of a row. To set this option, open VoiceOver Utility (press VO-F8 when VoiceOver is on), click the Verbosity category, then click Announcements.

Navigate columns

  • To hear a column header, press VO-C.

  • To hear a column from the VoiceOver cursor to the bottom of the column, press VO-C-C.

  • To move up or down in a column, press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key.

VoiceOver doesn’t announce blank columns as you navigate using the arrow keys unless you have the verbosity level for tables set to High. For more information, see Customize the verbosity level for speech or braille.

Sort columns

  1. Press VO-| to jump to the sort button in a column header, then press VO-Space bar.

    If the table also contains a row header, pressing VO-| displays a menu where you choose a column or row header. Press VO-Right Arrow until you hear the header you want, then press the Space bar to jump to the sort button in that header.

    You can navigate to other columns and sort them.

  2. When you’re done sorting columns, press VO-|.

Reorder columns

  1. Navigate to the column you want to move, then press VO-| to jump to the column header.

  2. Press VO-, to mark the column for reordering.

  3. Navigate to the header of the column that you want the marked column to precede, then press VO-< to insert the marked column in front of it.

  4. When you’re done reordering, press VO-|.

In an outline view, to jump to the parent level of the current cell, press VO-Command-\.