macOS High Sierra

Hear what you type

VoiceOver can speak what you’re typing (known as a “typing echo”).

Note: VO represents the VoiceOver modifier.

  1. To open the Verbosity rotor, press VO-V.

  2. Press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow key until you hear “typing echo” and the current setting.

  3. Press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key until you hear the setting you want.

  4. To close the rotor, press the Escape key or Fn-Tab.

You can also set the typing echo in the Text pane of the Verbosity category in VoiceOver Utility. To open VoiceOver Utility, press VO-F8 when VoiceOver is on.

To set options to have VoiceOver tell you when you press the Caps Lock key or a modifier key, open VoiceOver Utility, then click Announcements.

If you’re using portable preferences on a guest computer when you change typing settings, the settings are saved to the portable preferences drive and not to the guest computer.