macOS High Sierra

Sign in to the App Store

Before you can purchase or update an app from the App Store, you must sign in using an Apple ID, or create an Apple ID if you don’t have one.

The Apple ID sign in window in App Store.

An Apple ID gives you access to the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, iCloud, FaceTime, and other Apple services. It consists of an email address (for example, and a password.

Note: In some locations, you can use a phone number instead of an email address as your Apple ID.

For more information about Apple ID, see the Apple ID Support page. To create one, go to the Apple ID acccount website.

All of your purchases are tied to your Apple ID, and can’t be transferred to another Apple ID. If you make purchases on your iPad, iPhone, or another Mac, always sign in using the same Apple ID so you can see all of your store purchases on this Mac and download any available updates.

It’s recommended that you use the same Apple ID for all Apple services, including the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store. However, if you already use different Apple IDs for different services, you can continue to do so. For more information, see the iTunes Support page and the “Use different Apple IDs for iCloud and iTunes” section on the Sign in with your Apple ID page.

Open App Store for me

  • Sign in with your Apple ID: Choose Store > Sign In, then enter your Apple ID information.

  • Create an Apple ID: Choose Store > Create Account. You can also choose Store > Sign In, then click Create Apple ID.

  • View account settings: Sign in, then choose Store > View My Account. Account settings include your Apple ID, billing information, and the nickname you use when you review apps. You can also view purchases that you’ve hidden.

  • Sign out: Choose Store > Sign Out.