Use VoiceOver on HomePod mini or HomePod

You can use VoiceOver on HomePod mini and HomePod to hear the names of the controls you touch. And you can use VoiceOver gestures to do more.

Turn VoiceOver on HomePod on or off

If you set up HomePod mini or HomePod with an iPhone or iPad that uses VoiceOver, then your VoiceOver settings from that device automatically transfer to HomePod mini or HomePod. You can start using VoiceOver immediately.

You can also turn on VoiceOver after you set up HomePod mini or HomePod using Siri or in the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Use Siri

You can use Siri to turn on VoiceOver after setting up your HomePod mini or HomePod.1 Just say "Hey Siri, turn on VoiceOver."

Use the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

  1. Open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac2 and make sure that you're signed in with the Apple ID that you used to set up HomePod mini or HomePod.
  2. Tap or click the HomePod mini or HomePod tile.
  3. Scroll down and select Accessibility.
  4. Select VoiceOver.
  5. Turn on VoiceOver.

Change Speaking Rate, Double-Tap Timeout, and Audio Ducking

You can adjust these settings to fine-tune your VoiceOver experience.

  • Speaking Rate: Adjust the rate of speech for VoiceOver.
  • Double-Tap Timeout: Control the amount of time between two taps for VoiceOver to register a double tap. 
  • Audio Ducking: Allow VoiceOver to reduce the level of audio playback on HomePod mini or HomePod when VoiceOver is speaking.

Use VoiceOver gestures

You can perform these gestures on the top of HomePod mini or HomePod:

  • Tap or drag your finger to hear the name of the control under your finger and select it. 
  • Double-tap to use the selected control, or Play/Pause if no control is selected.
  • Double-tap and hold when a volume control is selected to change the volume continuously as you hold down your finger.
  • Double-tap and hold when Play/Pause is selected to use Siri, or you can say "Hey, Siri."
  • Triple-tap to skip the song that’s currently playing.
  • Quadruple-tap while listening to a playlist or album to go back to the previous song.

1. Siri availability, features, and commands vary by language, and country and region.

2. To use the Home app on Mac, update your Mac to macOS Mojave or later.

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