Preview a print project in Photos or iPhoto to avoid issues

Apple recommends that you preview book, card, and calendar orders before you submit them for printing.

It's important to preview your projects before placing your order. Apple can't modify your images after we receive them. After you submit your order, you have 30 minutes to cancel it.

If you place an order in Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, you have 90 minutes to cancel.

To preview an order, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Projects tab at the top and double-click the project you want to preview. Or select the project from the sidebar if it's visible.
  2. Control-click or right-click inside the area surrounding your project.

  3. Choose Save Book as PDF from the shortcut menu that appears. If you select a card or calendar in step two, the menu option will read Save Card or Save Calendar.
  4. In the Save As dialog, give the file a name and choose a location to save it in. Then click Save.
  5. Find the PDF file you saved and double-click it. When the file opens in Preview, make sure that everything looks like you want it to. You won't see the spine of the book.*
  6. When you're finished reviewing the PDF of your project, return to Photos or iPhoto. To submit your order, click the Buy button.

*When you preview a letterpress card, you'll see the pictures and text you added, but not the graphics that come with the card's theme. If your pictures and text look good, you can be certain the entire card will include the theme's elements when the card is produced.

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