Build spring-loaded animations without keyframes in Motion 5.4

With the Overshoot behavior, you can build a realistic animation that overshoots the end value and oscillates around it, quickly making a realistic spring-back effect.

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The Overshoot behavior changes a parameter from one value to another over time, overshooting the end value before springing back. Overshoot works best when applied to a static image. For example, you can apply Overshoot to the Rotation parameter to rotate an object and have it spring back at the end of its cycle.

To create an Overshoot behavior:

  1. Choose Window > Library (or press Command–2).

  2. Click Behaviors in the category list on the left, then click Parameter in the list on the right to see all the available Parameter behaviors.

  3. Drag Overshoot from the list to the object you want to animate in the canvas, Layers list, or Timeline.

  4. To access Overshoot behavior controls, select Overshoot in the Layers List or Timeline, then click Behaviors in the Inspector. To open the controls in the Heads Up Display, click HUDNo alt supplied for Image.

  5. In the Overshoot controls, click the "To" pop-up menu, then choose the parameter you want to affect. Then, change any other Overshoot controls to achieve the desired effect.

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