macOS High Sierra

Navigate webpages using landmarks

Web developers can assign landmark roles to areas of a webpage to help screen readers identify the types of content on the webpage. For an example of a webpage that contains landmarks, visit

VoiceOver supports all landmarks, including:

  • Banner, the area that contains the page name, logo, or other identifying information.

  • Complementary, an area that supports the main content area, such as a sidebar.

  • Content info, the area that contains footnote-type information, such as copyright or privacy statements.

  • Main, the area that contains the main content.

  • Navigation, the area that contains a navigation bar or other links for navigating the webpage or website.

  • Search, the area that contains a search field for searching the webpage or website.

If landmarks are listed in the Rotor when viewing webpages, you can navigate to a landmark using the Rotor.

You can use the Trackpad, NumPad, Keyboard, and Quick Nav Commanders in VoiceOver Utility to assign VoiceOver commands for navigating landmarks to keyboard or keypad keys, gestures, or braille display keys.