macOS High Sierra

Play web videos

When you find a video on the web, just click Play to watch it. With Picture in Picture, you can play a video in a movable window that “floats” on top of everything else, so you can always see it, no matter what you’re doing. You can drag the window to any corner of the screen and the window stays put, even if you switch desktop spaces. You can resize the window to see more or less of what’s behind it.

AirPlay lets you play web videos on any HDTV with Apple TV—without showing everything else on your desktop.

Open Safari for me

Play a web video with Picture in Picture

  1. Navigate to the web video you want to play.

  2. Click the Play icon.

    Compatible web videos have a Picture in Picture icon .

  3. Click the Picture in Picture icon .

    Picture in Picture floating above another website.

Play a web video on your HDTV

  1. Navigate to the web video you want to play.

    Compatible web videos have an AirPlay icon .

  2. Click the AirPlay icon , then select your Apple TV.

For more information about AirPlay, see Use AirPlay to see your desktop on an HDTV.