macOS High Sierra

Create a shared album

After you turn on iCloud Photo Sharing, it’s easy to create a shared album to share your photos and video clips.

Open Photos for me

Create a shared album

  1. Select the photos and video clips you want to share.

  2. Click the Share button in the toolbar and choose iCloud Photo Sharing, then click New Shared Album.

  3. Type a name for the shared album, then type the email addresses of the people you want to share the album with.

    If you want subscribers to be able to view the shared album from an iOS device, be sure to use the email addresses they use to sign in to iCloud.

  4. Click Create.

Your invitees are sent an email asking them to subscribe to your shared album.

View a shared album

  1. Click a shared album under Shared in the sidebar.

    You can also click Shared in the sidebar to see all your shared albums in the window, then double-click a shared album to view it.

  2. Click Back button to see all your shared albums again.

Stop sharing an album

You can stop sharing an album with specific people by removing them from the subscribers list. To stop sharing a photo album entirely, you can delete it.

WARNING: When you delete a shared album, it’s immediately removed from yours and your subscribers’ devices. If you think your subscribers might want to keep any photos or video from the album, you should alert them to save the items before you delete the shared album. Also, make sure you’ve downloaded any photos and videos that others have added to the album and that you want to keep. The photos you shared aren’t deleted from your Photos library.

  • Do one of the following:

    • Click a shared album in the sidebar, click Collaborate button in the toolbar, then click Delete Shared Album.

    • Control-click the shared album you want to stop sharing, then choose Delete Shared Album.

View activity in your shared albums

To see the latest activity in your shared albums—including photos that have been recently added and who added them—use the Activity album, in your shared albums.

The Photos window with the Activity album displayed.
  • Click Activity under Shared in the sidebar, then scroll to view changes.