iOS Compatibility with Cisco QoS Fastlane & Adaptive 802.11r

Learn which iOS devices support the latest enterprise Wi-Fi optimizations from Cisco.

Starting with iOS 10 and Cisco wireless controller release 8.3, you can use adaptive 802.11r and QoS Fastlane. Any iOS 10 or later compatible device supports QoS Fastlane. Find more information about iOS compatibility for your specific iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch model.

These devices support adaptive 802.11r:

  • iPhone 6s and later
  • iPad Pro and later
  • iPad (5th generation) and later

About adaptive 802.11r

802.11r offers wireless clients the ability to quickly roam between APs on the same network. Fast Basic Service Set Transition (FT) allows clients to roam between APs without taking the time to re-authenticate to each new AP. 

Adaptive 802.11r allows you to set up a network without choosing Enable for Fast Transition. This configuration still grants the option of FT to iOS clients. iOS devices and Cisco APs mutually signal that adaptive 802.11r is supported by the network and that FT can be used. Legacy wireless clients that don’t support 802.11r can still join the same network but won’t benefit from faster FT roaming.

About QoS Fastlane

Wireless application traffic in enterprise environments often needs to be prioritized by its type. For example, due to real time application constraints, voiceover Wi-Fi traffic needs a higher priority than Safari web traffic. 

Various standards exist to help network devices agree on how different types of traffic are marked to make sure they are prioritized. QoS Fastlane greatly simplifies this agreement process so that network congestion is minimized and time sensitive traffic (like voice or video) is delivered on time. 

To choose which iOS apps have their traffic prioritized by QoS Fastlane, you must configure the network with a configuration profile.

Learn about configuration profiles payloads and application whitelisting for iOS.

Learn more

Cisco wireless controller models compatible with release 8.3 support adaptive 802.11r and QoS Fastlane. Cisco APs compatible with 802.11n and 802.11ac support adaptive 802.11r and QoS Fastlane.

Find more information about 802.11r, adaptive 802.11r, QoS, and QoS Fastlane:

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