Export XML from Final Cut Pro X 10.3 for Logic Pro X

Learn about using Final Cut Pro XML Version 1.5 to transfer project details from Final Cut Pro X 10.3 to Logic Pro X 10.2.4.

To transfer the details of your libraries, events, projects, and clips from Final Cut Pro X 10.3 to a Logic Pro X 10.2.4 project, use Final Cut Pro X XML Version 1.5.

  1. In Final Cut Pro, choose File > Export XML.
  2. In the Export XML dialog, click the Current Version (1.5) button next to XML version, then save the XML file.
  3. In Logic Pro, do the following:
    • Open a project or create a new project.
    • Choose File > Import Final Cut Pro XML.
    • Locate and select the Final Cut Pro XML file, then click Import.

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